About Monk-E

The Instant hangover shot!

With great times come great hungover times. Monk-E changes the game for you. We understand the last thing you want after making great memories is the hangover that comes with it. And this is why we have developed the pioneer of anti-hangover remedies.

Our Anti-Hangover shots are developed by keeping your wellbeing in mind. Exotic imported ingredients like Borage seed oil and added electrolytes make our shot a perfect combination for fresh and active mornings. It works! Try it, to believe it.

So, the next time you’re grabbing a drink, grab a Monk-E first. We’ve made it our drinking ritual, and you should too! Unlike other anti-hangover pills and products, our shots can be consumed before or after your drinks session.

Monk-E syrup is an ayurvedic formulation that may help in reducing hangovers. Gotukola may help support cognitive ability. It may act as an antidepressant. Green Tea Extract, High in antioxidants, Enriched with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Ginger is considered to be a digestive stimulant. It is an elixir in colds and coughs.

Our Story

We are an established manufacturer of herbal ingredients-based syrups. After observing the growing Indian lifestyle, particularly among the youth where weekend hangouts, office parties, and social gatherings have risen over time. Also, through our own experience, We have had to walk into the office hungover from the previous night and not be able to concentrate and ruining our day there. It has been seen and felt among the whole youth the urge to have an ‘After Party’ fix.

After a hard party night, the next day is often tiresome and slow. To beat this party problem, we created a drink powered by the herbal miracle of Centella Asiatica(which acts as an antidepressant) and the green tea (Camellia Sinensis) extract, and a pinch of citric acid to freshen you up and replenish electrolytes lost due to dehydration. Such formulas and tonics, though popular abroad, were rarely spotted in India.

And that’s how Monk-E shots were born.

Monk E Shots is all set to take over Pune and Mumbai, followed by Pan India coverage. Guided by a team of veterans in beverages, media, and operations, we are out to make sure that when people have a good time, good memories are the only thing that goes home with them (and no hangovers!)

Our belief

Life today is more stressful, more hectic, and more overwhelming than ever before. Whether it’s the deadlines hovering over in your head, an eternity of long meetings, long commutes, or increased pollution, we rarely see a moment of calm to let our bodies switch off and recuperate. This often leads to a rise in illnesses, increased alcohol consumption, depleted immunity, and lower productivity.

Monk-E Shots is created to let you keep up with the hustle of everyday life while never missing a beat. No more pesky hangovers, no more second best. Just grab the Monk-E Shot and own the day.

How does it work?

Alcohol dehydrogenase or ADH is a natural enzyme produced by the body to break down alcohol once consumed. However strange as it may be, alcohol consumption increases the load on ADH and decreases its availability and efficacy. As a result, the alcohol remains in the body for a longer period and results in a hangover.

This is where Monk-E shots shine bright. Monk-E Anti Hangover shots contain a range of effective herbs rich in phytoconstituents that help reactivate ADH, thereby breaking down the alcohol faster, detoxifying the body, and preventing those dreaded hangovers altogether.

How to use it?

One shot of 60 ml Monk-E Shots can be consumed with every few drinks, depending on the consumption of the drink, and another just before going to bed to wake up refreshed and get ready to be productive the next morning. In normal consumption, it has to be the last shot of the night.