Get rid of your hangover instant at home with these foods.

You just finished the office work, and now you are heading out for a fun drinking session with your squad. Boozing and grooving all your way to home late-night…as you hit your bed, that hangover headache hits your mind hard, and you feel like throwing up now and then. Haven’t we all gone through this dread night and woke up to sick mornings?

What to do next to get rid of the hangover instant?

is all we think of, sitting on our bed trying to force ourselves to go to work. But we often miss the magical remedies sitting right in our kitchen. Here we are with quick home remedies to cure your hangover instant.

1.Almonds : A fistful of this super nut can provide half of your daily magnesium needs. Excessive alcohol consumption depletes cellular magnesium, which breaks down alcohol and eliminates it from the body. 

almonds with black background

2.Cucumber Mint Juice : Alcohol leaves strong acidic ash in the body, which makes the body vulnerable to illness. To stabilize this effect, it is best to start the day with Cucumber and mint juice as it is hydrating, calming, and soothing for the body.

a glass of cucumber juice

3.Butter Milk : We mainly focus on hydration and health of the liver, and what’s often overlooked is the effect of alcohol on our gut health and leads to inflammation. Buttermilk is a natural probiotic with a soothing effect on the colon. It helps in promoting gut health and revives digestive health.

a glass of buttermilk

4.Milk Thistle : It contains a compound called silybin, that helps with liver regeneration and detox. Milk thistle supports the liver to neutralize the toxin enzymes and helps to detox your body.

milk thistle flower