Cure your hangover headache within no time | Best medicine

hangover headache are among life's few certainties death, and taxes. Now that bars across the globe have opened their doors again, we're all getting used to the morning-after pangs. 

If you have a pounding hangover headache, you probably had an overflowing plate of greasy food and a large cup of steaming coffee with it. It doesn't matter if it's the entire McDonald's breakfast menu or a drunken brunch spread, everyone's got their go-to hangover solution.

Still, that hangover headache doesn’t go away. Here we are with super effective cures to see off your stubborn hangover headache :

Say Hi to Eggs : To knock out hangover headache, here’s the breakfast all-star. Eggs are rich in Vitamin B12 and hardworking amino acids like cysteine and taurine that helps in the removal of acetaldehyde and cures your hangover headache as well as boosts your energy.
eggs with cure hangover headache
Nosh on cereals : Want some instant energy and relief from a hangover headache? Grab oatmeal or a bowl of cereals as they are rich in Vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, and iron to uplift your upset tummy and your mood.
oats with brown bowl
Rescue yourself with water : Drinking calls for waiting in a long queue every time you take a trip to the washroom. As a result, your body dehydrates, which leads to depletion in blood volume and brings the pounding hangover headache. If you don’t wish to suffer from a hangover headache, rehydrate yourself before going to bed and the next morning.
a glass of water for cure hangover headache
Sip your herbal tea : Get yourself some herbal tea if your tummy is having a difficult time and your head is feeling as heavy as thor’s hammer. Sipping ginger or peppermint tea might help settle the stomach, reduce the urge to vomit, and help with a hangover headache.
a cup of herbal tea for cure hangover headache
Grab Monk-E drink : Got an important meeting that you can’t miss, but hangover headache and upset tummy is making you sick? Grab a Monk-E anti-hangover drink and get quick relief from hangover symptoms to nail your office meeting.
instant hangover cure | Anti hangover drink