Know how to crush hangover nausea and vomit instantly.

Sometimes challenging your buddies for bottoms up feels good when you meet after so long. But this friend's meet may turn into hangover nausea and vomit, which is definitely a buzz killer. 

Make sure hangover doesn’t come in your way with these hangover cures:

1.Pep up with Peppermint: You can get rid of hangover nausea by drinking peppermint tea, eating peppermint candy, or smelling peppermint essential oils. Inhaling the essential aromatherapy oils of peppermint may help soothe mild nausea. Peppermint is an age-old remedy that has been used for centuries to treat nausea.

2.Get citrusy with Amla: Amla or Indian gooseberry is a rich source of Vitamin C that soothes your upset stomach. In addition, it regulates hormones and balances digestive enzymes, which, if left unattended, can aggravate hangover nausea. 

3.Crack hangover with starchy snacks: Starchy snacks such as dry crackers, toast, and salted biscuits can help alleviate nausea symptoms by absorbing stomach acids that might cause nausea. It'll also save you from vomiting and killing the party vibes.

4.Enjoy coconut water: Rehydrate yourself by drinking plenty of fluids because dehydration increases nausea and causes hangover vomiting. Sip teas like chamomile and mint as they have anti-nausea benefits. The most potent and natural source of electrolytes is tender coconut water that helps replenish electrolytes lost.

5.Gulp Monk-E: Loaded with herbal and exotic ingredients, the anti-hangover drink, Monk-E shots help your liver break down alcohol and recharge yourself, flush out harmful toxins, and replenish lost nutrients and electrolytes. An instant way to cure hangover nausea and vomit.