Bad hangover signs, you need to know.....

Do you suffer from extra bad hangovers? Do you find yourself bedridden after drinking? Two days?

Late-night partying is always fun with your squad. But what hits our head like a thor’s hammer the next morning is a hangover headache, which ruins our whole day. Although drinkers may say that drinking in limit or grabbing a cup of coffee in the morning can cure Mr. hangover, not all of us agree with this notion. Also, some people suffer a lot more from hangovers than others. 

Are you sluggish and unproductive the next day, clinging to your cup of coffee, hoping for some dose of precious energy to get you moving? If yes, then you might be suffering from a bad hangover.

Here are the four signs that you are suffering from a bad hangover:

1.Your bed doesn’t let you out : ying for a complete 12-24 hours, that means drinking has affected the circadian rhythm, a 24-hour cycle controlled by a part of the brain that synchronizes waking and sleeping with daylight.
2.Does your hangover trip go beyond one day : A 2-day hangover? That’s too much. And not fun at all - and also not normal. For most people, the hangover should be gone within 24 hours. It may be because you didn’t get good sleep. Although you may have fallen asleep quickly when you were drunk, the quality of your sleep was diminished by alcohol.
3.Your head is about to blow up with migraine : While unpleasant, hangover headaches should not be enfeebling. If you’re waking up with a next-level headache or migraine that causes light sensitivity or nausea, then you may have cheered to red wine because red wine is the chief culprit for migraine. 
4.You go on a Hangxiety trip : Have you ever woken up after a night of drinking and obsessed over every detail of the night before? Worried that you might have said something wrong or made someone mad? Stressed about little things that shouldn't have affected you usually? If so, you’re suffering from Hangxiety - acute anxiety that comes after a night of drinking.