Avoid these foods to cure your hangover!

Avoid these foods and drinks:

If you do not wish to ruin your next day at work and be bedridden complaining about a severe hangover headache, and upset tummy. 

1.Grabbing a cup of coffee : If you don’t wish to alleviate your hangover headache, say No to coffee and any drink that’s high in caffeine. It is a diuretic and will deplete you of water and hydration that is necessary to cure hangovers and can worsen your hangover symptoms, and may lead to severe anxiety, mood disorders, and more.

2.Indulging in Hair of the dog : Hair of the dog may sound cute, but its effects are not really cute for you. Allowing yourself to drink more after a severe hangover will only leave your liver wrecked, followed by hangover headache and vomit.

3.Relishing greasy food : Do not go for greasy food after gulping down your favorite drink. Yes, my friend, that cheesy pizza might look tempting, but it will only upset your already upset tummy and slow down the alcohol breakdown by your liver. Thus, making your mornings blue and nauseating.

4.Munching high-sodium food : Snacks like chips, olives, pickles, and ham are high in sodium, so unless you plan on drinking plenty of water to rehydrate your system, it is better to lay off the salty snacks until you feel better.

Keep your mornings fresh and yourself recharged and hangover-free with the anti-hangover drink, Monk-E shots. It assists your liver in neutralizing acetaldehyde, a toxic enzyme that causes scarring and detoxes your system.Everyone loves drinking and partying and hates the after-effect of alcohol, that’s Hangover and its cruel symptoms like hangover headache, nausea, vomit, upset stomach, and whatnot. To add to the misery, people tend to rely on foods that alleviate their Hangover and make them feel like throwing up now and then.