5 steps to cure your hangover instantly

After an evening of drinking alcohol and partying like crazy, do your search history looks something like this, how to cure a hangover fast, best medicine for a hangover headache, how to get rid of a hangover fast at home, or

how to cure hangover nausea and vomiting. Still not able to get instant relief?

Well, my friend, you need some quick and instant hangover remedies to crush your hangover headache, unbearable nausea, excessive thirst, extreme fatigue, and detoxify your system. And guess what, we got you covered with instant hangover dealers.

First Hangover Dealers for you: Apples and bananas
Fresh fruit salad is a good hangover cure. Having an apple on an empty stomach lends fast relief. Banana shake with honey renews the lost blood sugar and helps in replenishing essential minerals like potassium, which the body loses due to alcohol.

Second Hangover Dealer for you: Ginger
Ginger is a tried and tested crusher for hangover nausea and seasickness. Chewing 2-3 small pieces of ginger or taking a cup of ginger tea lends fast relief by assisting in the digestion of alcohol, thus soothing the stomach.

Third Hangover Dealer for you: Lemon
Lemon is a popular hangover cure. It assists the liver in assimilating alcohol to provide instant relief and flush out toxins from the body. It’s a gentle medicine for hangover vomit and an upset stomach.

Fourth Hangover Dealer for you: Tomato
The sour taste of tomato has a great effect on curing a hangover, as it is rich in fructose that metabolizes alcohol faster, thus compensating for the dehydration caused due to alcohol.

Fifth Hangover Dealer for you: Coconut Water
Alcohol causes the body to flush out fluids and makes it harder to absorb more. Coconut water enriched with electrolytes and potassium rehydrate the body quickly. It can also ease out a hangover headache and nausea.

If you find this hard to make and drink, then we have the simplest and most effective option to cure your hangover headache, nausea, and all. Just grab the Anti-hangover drink, Monk-E shots, and resolver all your hangover issues instantly.